Type II Water Purification System

TKA LabTower EDI


Two in One!
Pure and Ultrapure water.





bullets/green_new.gifHigh purity water quality 15 – 10 MΩ×cm.


       The complete system in midi-format.
        For daily needs of 100 to 500 litres.

     For example, for

  • Rinsing lab glassware
  • Supplying autoclaves, clinical analysers
    and ultrapure water systems
  • Preparing and diluting buffers reagents
    tissue culture media
  • Sample preparation for analytical methods
  • General biotechnology applications


bullets/green_new.gifUltrapure Water ASTM type I, 18.2 MΩ×cm.

TOC 1 – 5 ppb


Direct dispensing of Ultrapure water.
Even for the  most demanding and sensitive

In the Biosciences
  • For molecular biology and microbiology work
  • In the preparation of cell and tissue cultures
  • In PCR, DNA sequencing
  • Electrophoresis
In Analytical Chemistry
  • Organic and inorganic trace analysis
  • HPLC
  • TOC Measurements, IC
In Routine Laboratory Work
  • Analytical procedures




 The TKA LabTower EDI exceeds  the standards

ASTM type I and type II, CAP, ISO 3696, BS 3997, CLSI.


bullets/green_new.gifThe benefits in a nutshell!


Two in one!
  • Reverse osmosis + EDI water purification
    and high purity water tank
  • Two systems, but only one unit
  • One on top of the other instead of alongside
  • Perfectly tuned to each other
  • Formally a unified whole
Two ways to draw water!
  • Directly from the system via a dispensing tap
    with sterile filter (ASTM I)
  • From the tank for direct supplying of autoclaves,
    analysers, washing machines (ASTM II)
Built-in state-of-the-art techniques!
  • Water pretreatment with activated carbon/prefilter
    and hardness stabiliser
  • Pressure pump for direct supply to autoclaves,
    analysers, washing machines
Safe operation!
  • Microprocessor control for automatic operation
  • Permanent monitoring of all important parameters
  • Automatic return to the operating mode after
    operating actions
  • Potential-free contact for fault messages
Highest hygiene security!
  • Automatic recirculation of the water in the tank
    across a special polisher module
  • Protection against bacterial growth even on long


bullets/green_new.gifStock high purity water safely and conveniently!


100 Litre tank module!
  • Up to 100 l water on call
Sterile vent filter/tank overflow
  • Two safety filters prevent internal contamination
    by microorganisms from the surrounding air
  • Option: CO2 absorber that prevents increased
    TOC value by drawn-in CO
Volume display/Float chain
  • Fully automatic level regulation for percentage
    volume display of the tank content
  • Float chain with adjustable volume content
Recirculation pump
  • Serves to protect the high purity water from
    bacterial growth during standstill and safeguards
    the low conductivity value
Polyethylene tank
  • High purity water resistant, opaque and food-safe

Tank level control indicator!

  • Continual monitoring of the tank volume in %.



bullets/green_new.gifTKA LabTower EDI. Water purification with High-Tech.


Combination of electrodialysis and ion exchange processes.

Electrodeionisation, EDI in brief, unites two proven technologies for producing
ultrapure water: Electrodialysis and ion exchange (IEX). The great technical thing
about this: In contrast to conventional ion exchange, in which resins must be
chemically regenerated, EDI utilizes an electric current for continual resin


bullets/green_new.gifSystem components LabTower EDI


Type LabTower
EDI 15   EDI 30
ASTM I Conductivity in µS/cm   0.055  
Resistivity in MΩxcm at 25° C:   18.2  
Flow rate up to l/min:   2  
TOC value in ppb   5 – 10  
TOC value in ppb with optional
UV photooxidation
  1 – 5  
Bacterial level in CFU/ml with
sterile filter
  < 1  
Particles (> 0.2 µm/ml) with
sterile filter
  < 1  
Optional with ultrafilter: retention of
endotoxins, RNases, DNases
ASTM II Conductivity in µS/cm*   0.067 –0.10  
Typical resistivity in MΩxcm*:   15 - 10  
Pure water production at 15 °C, l/h: 15   30
Silicate removal, %:   > 99,9  
TOC value, ppb*:   < 30  
Operating pressure in bar, min./max.:   2/6  
Supply voltage:   230 V/50Hz  
Power consumption kW:   0,25  
Feedwater connector:   d8 / R 3/4”  
Ambient temperature:   +2 °C - +35 °C  
Dimensions W x D x H in mm: 450 x 580 x 1500 450 x 580 x 1500 450 x 580 x 1500
Weight in kg: 58   58
Article-No.: 07.4415   07.4430

* with < 30 ppm CO2 in the feedwater

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