Flammable Material Storage / Explosion Proof Refri/Freezer (10C to -20C)

  • Available in a wide range of sizes and styles, including uprights, combination refrigerator/freezers, undercounter and horizontal chest units.
  • Thermostat and compressor components are isolated within a vapor-proof enclosure.
  • Electrical connections are hard wired to prevent sparking and accidental disconnection.
  • Magnetic vinyl gaskets for positive door seal.
  • CFC-free insulation and refrigerant.



Model 3551
  • 10 cubic ft. combination refrigerator/freezer with separate doors.
  • Three refrigerator shelves plus four door shelves, and one freezer shelf for maximum storage space.
  • Hydraulic thermostat; adjustable natural air flow vent.
  • Manual defrost.
  • UL listed, CSA certified.


Model 3552A
  • 20 cubic ft. upright freezer.
  • Built-in evaporators in shelves for even cooling.
  • Four permanently positioned wire shelves.
  • Door equipped with key lock.
  • Manual defrost.
  • Six door shelves.
  • UL listed.


Model 3555
  • 19 cubic ft. horizontal chest freezer.
  • Three upper and two lower storage baskets included.
  • Built-in key lock in lid.
  • Manual defrost.


Model 3557
  • 5.6 cubic ft. undercounter refrigerator.
  • Hydraulic thermostat.
  • Three adjustable wire shelves.
  • Manual defrost.
  • UL listed.


Model 3557-2
  • 5.6 cubic ft. undercounter freezer.
  • Hydraulic thermostat.
  • Two fixed shelves, three door shelves.
  • Aluminum evaporator coil.
  • UL listed.
  • Manual defrost.


Model 3557-4
  • 5.6 cubic ft. undercounter refrigerator/freezer.
  • Hydraulic thermostat.
  • Two adjustable wire shelves, three door shelves.
  • ABS plastic interiors with enameled steel exterior.
  • Manual defrost.
  • UL listed.


Model 3560A
  • 20 cubic ft. corrosion-resistant refrigerator designed to store caustic materials and acids.
  • Five adjustable stainless steel shelves.
  • Enameled steel interior and exterior with stainless steel door liner for greater corrosion resistance.
  • Built-in key lock.
  • Manual defrost.
  • UL listed.


Model 3566A
  • 20 cubic ft. one-door refrigerator.
  • Copper evaporator coil for efficient thermal transfer.
  • Four adjustable shelves.
  • Door with built-in key lock.
  • Manual defrost.
  • UL listed.

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