Water Purification Systems

Thermo Scientific TKA Water Purification Systems provide general
laboratory grade purified water.


For many application fields, potable water is not pure enough for use in today`s laboratories. Thermo Scientific TKA water purification technologies range from simple demineralizers for autoclaves up to reverse osmosis and high purity units required for most analytical procedures.

This is the challenge we take on.Our systems have been developed on the basis of the highest quality requirements and designed to supply laboratories of all kinds with the pure water they require. State of the art, high quality system requiring little service.

Each step in the production is supervised by our Quality Assurance. Experienced development engineers and well trained personnel has given Thermo Scientific TKA pure water systems impressive industry recognition in a very short time.

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    TKA Smart2Pure and Smart2Pure 12 For small volumes. But of highest quality! Highest quality - instantly and fresh. TKA Smart2Pure and TKA Smart2Pure 12 This is the password for c...

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    TKA LabTower EDI Two in One! Pure and Ultrapure water. High purity water quality 15 – 10 MΩ×cm. The complete system in midi-format. For daily needs of...

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    TKA Reverse osmosis systems Systems and components for units up to 40 l/h TKA ECO 40 Permeate performance at 10 °C: 40 l/h Operating pressure in bar, max.: 14 ba...
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